Storage Tips

Below are some helpful tips in getting everything ready for your move.

We also have created a size guide to find out what size storage is best suited for you.

Things to remember when you move:

  • Check to see if your current insurance policy covers goods in storage. If not, we will provide information on Tenant Insurance that you can purchase.
  • Organize a checklist related to your move. For example, change utilities, telephones, address at post office, etc.
  • Storage of perishable goods, plants, animals, paints, hazardous materials, flammable goods, ammunition or explosives is strictly prohibited.
  • Leave access space at the front of your unit. Don’t overfill the unit. It could be difficult and a safety hazard to open the roll up door if items fall against it.
  • Use shelving to take full advantage of the height of your storage space and keep your items safe and organized.

STORBOX Self Storage

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2233 East Foothill Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107

Storage Tips for STORBOX Self Storage
  • Pack books flat to protect their spines. They’re heavy, so don’t put too many in one box.
  • Wardrobe boxes (available at STORBOX) allow you to store your clothing on hangers to keep their shape.
  • Remove batteries from cameras, flashlights, etc.
  • Wrap fragile items. Use paper, “peanuts” or bubble wrap to fill void spaces in boxes.
  • Label boxes and keep a list of the contents
  • Leave refrigerators or freezer doors slightly ajar for ventilation. Use the space inside for additional storage.
  • Cover large furniture using bed sheets or plastic sheeting available at STORBOX Self Storage.
  • Empty lawnmowers of oil and gas and wrap in heavy plastic to prevent leakage or damage to your other items.
  • Store higher value items at the back of your unit in unmarked boxes.
  • Place heavy or bulky items in the unit first.
  • Stack similarly sized items together.
  • Consider storing couches &/or mattresses on end to take up less space. STORBOX Self Storage offers covers to keep them clean and safe.
  • Stack chairs seat to seat with paper or fabric to separate them.
  • Place items / boxes you may need to access with frequency near the front of the unit.
  • Wrap picture frames and mirrors and place in boxes on end.
  • Cover your goods with dust or painting sheets to protect against dust or fire sprinklers.